Reading and Phonics at The Acorn Federation

Reading and Phonics



At the Acorn Federation, staff follow the All Aboard Phonics Programme to teach phonics. Phonics lessons happen daily in our Garden Classes. They are fast paced and a new phoneme (sound) is introduced each day. Children are taught in groups according to their stage of learning so that teaching can be personalised to their individual needs and termly assessments allow teachers to monitor the progress children are making. Resources from a range of phonic programmes, including Jolly Phonics and Read Write Inc., are used to support the teaching of phonics and pupils take home sound mats or flash cards which enable them to practise their phonics at home.  


As learners become increasingly confident at blending sounds, they are given appropriately matched reading books to enjoy at home with parents. These books help reinforce the sounds they have learnt, their blending skills and their comprehension skills.


Across the federation, phonics interventions are put in place in order to further support learning where appropriate.


Grammar and Spelling

In our Meadow Classes (Key Stage 2), the children receive regular grammar lessons to support their understanding of key grammatical concepts and spelling rules and patterns. Some aspects of grammar teaching are interwoven within English lessons and others are stand-alone lessons.



Early Years Foundation Stage

At the Acorn Federation, high quality books are available for the children. They are used in a range of learning areas, including the reading corner, in the role-play area and with small world play. For example, the fire station may have stories about fire engines or non-fiction books about people who help us to support their understanding of the world.


Key Stage One and Two

As pupils move through Key Stage One and into Key Stage Two, they continue to access high quality reading books. Our school libraries have a variety of books, such as fiction, non-fiction and poetry, available for them to read. Children are encouraged to read a variety of text types and to challenge themselves by choosing different books. At Marston Montgomery, the children access the Derbyshire Library Van on a monthly basis and are able to take books home.


During school time, pupils have regular reading sessions. During these times, they might read with an adult, either individually or in a group, or independently. The children are also encouraged to share a book with a friend and offer recommendations. Adult guided sessions provide opportunities to explore a range of appropriate texts and effective questioning is used to deepen the children’s understanding of the texts they read.


During English lessons, children also have the opportunity to complete written comprehensions. These are done either independently or in a guided group.


Reading Schemes

Our reading schemes are made up from a range of reading schemes, such as Collins Big Cat Phonics, Songbirds Phonics and Floppy’s Phonics. Free reader books are also available to ensure the children are exposed to a wide vocabulary. All books are colour coded and progress through the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics phases, enabling the children to access texts that match their phonics skills.


For further information, please refer to the English Policy