School Performance

Ofsted Report
Please follow the link below to view our latest Ofsted report.  The staff and Governors were delighted to be graded a 'Good School'. 
Some strengths highlighted by the Inspector were,
  • Pupils enjoy school.
  • Children settle quickly into school life when they start in the Reception class, where they make good progress.
  • Teachers plan lessons that pupils find interesting and motivating.
  • Pupils’ behaviour around school is excellent.
Assessment Results - 2016
It is important to remember that information for classes under 10 are statistically unreliable.
67% of pupils attained a good level of development at the end of Reception (compared to 66% nationally).
Year One pupils - 60% reached the expected standard in the phonic check (compared to 77% nationally).
Year Two Pupils - 80% of pupils who retook the phonic check reached the expected standard.
Key Stage One
  Working towards the expected standard Working at or above the expected standard 
 Reading  33% 67% 
 Writing  44% 56%
 Maths  55% 44% 
 Grammar  55% 33%
Key Stage 2
Due to the small size of our Year Six class the assessment data has been suppressed.  We can share the average scaled scores the pupils achieved.
  Marston Average Scaled Score National Average Scaled Score
School Average Progress
(sufficient progress)
 Reading 111 103   7.2 (-5)
 Writing  n/a n/a  -3.2 (-7)
 Maths 107 103  2.6 (-5)
 Grammar 109 104  n/a
Due to the size of our Year 6 cohort assessment data has been suppressed.