• Mrs Teresa Bosley


    Mrs Bosley is our headteacher. She currently teaches the Junior Class on a Monday and the Infant Class on a Thursday afternoon and a Friday all day.

  • Mrs Janet Beloe

    Senior Teacher

    Mrs Beloe teaches our Junior Class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

  • Mrs Wendy Haslam

    Infant Teacher

    Mrs Halsam teaches our Infant Class on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

  • Mrs Marie Charlesworth

    Catering Supervisor

    Mrs Charlesworth is our catering supervisor. She cooks us a delicious dinner everyday.

  • Mrs Susan Haslam

    Teaching Assistant and Senior Midday Supervisor

    Mrs Haslam supports learning in both the Infant and Junior Classes. She also supervises the children during lunch times.

  • Mr Ben Henderson

    Music Teacher

    Mr Henderson is currently teaching our Junior Class to play a brass instrument.

  • Mrs Amanda Lovett

    Senior Business Administrator and Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Lovett is our Business Administrator. She also supports the Junior Class with their Maths and the Infant Class with their phonics.

  • Mrs Jennifer O'Shaughnessy

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs O'Shaughnessy supports learning in our Key Stage 2 class and works with pupils completing interventions.

  • Mrs Hannah Pilkington

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Pilkington supports children with their learning by carrying out intervention strategies.

  • Mrs Patricia Pointon

    Caretaker, Teaching Assistant and Sports Leader

    Mrs Pointon wears many hats! She keeps our school clean, supports learning in the Junior Class and provides sports activities for the children at lunch times.

  • Mrs Nathalie Quigley

    French Teacher

    Mrs Quigley works with our Junior Class to teach them French.

  • Mrs Lisa Thomson

    Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Thomson supports learning in our Infant Class. She mainly works with our Reception children.

  • Mrs Teresa Witham

    Midday Supervisor and Teaching Assistant

    Mrs Witham looks after our children at lunch time making sure the children have a fun time. She also supports children with their learning.