Fundraising at Marston

Friends of Marston Montgomery

Towards the end of last term some of the Mums got together with aim of forming a fundraising group to help the school. We have met on a couple of occasions. We arranged to sell ice lollies and ice pops as very low key start last term. Over the course of this year we are hoping to raise some funds in line with a ‘Wish List’ provided by the school staff. As a group we are in our infancy and would be very grateful to any other parents who would like to get involved in fundraising and have any ideas along this theme. We have some projects already planned and will up-date you regularly with plans and funds raised.


Funds Raised

A super start has been made by FOMM, so far they have raised £2,146.30 to support the school.


Event - Income

Purchase - Expenditure