Mission Statement and Aims

Our School Vision

 ‘Learning for Life’


Our Mission Statement

To develop, support and educate every child for themselves, their families, the village and the whole community.


Our School Vision

We are a village school working in partnership with children, families, staff and the local community to develop, support and educate each child so that they can succeed now and throughout their lives.


Our school will be a place where,-

  • We are happy and safe.
  • We love to learn for ourselves.
  • We are confident and value the individualities of others.
  • We are tolerant of others and respect them and their cultures.
  • We are good citizens of a modern Britain.


At our school we are happy and safe because,-

  • We look out for each other and are kind to each other.
  • We are friends with everybody, all of us play together.
  • We all have friends.
  • We are tolerant of others.
  • We are careful around school and around each other.
  • There is no bullying.
  • If someone is doing something we don’t like we ask them not to.
  • We smile.


At our school we love to learn for ourselves because,-

  • We love to learn new things.
  • We keep on trying and don’t give up.
  • We stay on the task we are given.
  • We are proud of our achievements.
  • We are always ready to learn and are enthusiastic.
  • We learn independently.
  • We are ready for new challenges.


At our school we are confident and value the individualities of others

  • We are ourselves
  • We have confidence in ourselves because our learning makes us confident.
  • We get to know each other and never judge a book by its cover.
  • We accept others differences, respecting everyone’s individual qualities.
  • We help others with their difficulties.
  • We live a happy, healthy life.


At our school we are tolerant of others and respect them and their cultures

  • Respect everyone’s differences
  • We respect the beliefs of others.
  • We respect other cultures.
  • We learn about other cultures and religions so that we can respect them.
  • We are not racist.


At our school we are good citizens of a modern Britain

  • We are friendly to everybody we see
  • We are kind and patient with others.
  • We help other people in our local community and beyond.
  • Do something in life – get a job, get a life.
  • We learn to use new technologies, e.g. I-Pads
  • We are positive and behave well.
  • We look after our environment, both locally and further afield.